Focus Your Content Marketing on the Digital Dialogue

To stand out and be relevant in the digital world, you need content. Sounds simple, but the reality is very different. According to the Content Management Institute, marketers in businesses both small and large face challenges that range from producing sufficient quantities of engaging content, lack of integration across marketing, budget restraints, insufficient executive buy-in, limited measurement capabilities and skillset shortages.

Marketers need to plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels throughout the customer lifecycle. This involves being able to read a prospect or customer’s digital body language to align and deliver personalized content based on their persona, preferences and stage of the lifecycle, creating a digital dialogue with customers.

It may sound difficult, but a methodical approach that involves four straightforward steps can get you on your way:

Step 1: Develop Your Strategy

Determine who you are trying to reach and the actions you want them to take as they work through each phase of the customer lifecycle. Put this in writing. Create your list of personas and their characteristics, map them to the phases of the lifecycle, and then identify specific actions that you can track to determine the ROI of your program. Every type of business measures different metrics, but a few of the most common include reach, visit-to-lead ratio, lead or interest-to-customer ratio, average deal size and revenue.

Step 2: Recruit the Players

An effective content marketing program require a leader to ensure all efforts are leveraging and supporting your content strategy. You can call the person a chief content officer, content strategist or content manager. Whatever title you give this person, it should be someone with a solid track record of great story telling, who can extend your brand experience in a multitude of ways… Read more

Source: CMS WiRE