Making Lead Gen More Actionable: Eight B2C Customer Acquisition Tips

We all know that a steady stream of leads is an essential ingredient in keeping a business afloat—but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done.

And, especially in this new age of the self-directed buyer, marketers need to constantly deliver innovative, unique ways to reach potential customers and get heard through the noise. Brands today are planning, executing, and spending considerable amounts of money around the clock to both get consumers to raise their hands and create potential opportunities to win those consumers’ business.

For marketers who are challenged to optimize their customer acquisition programs without going over budget, after they get consumers to raise their hands is when the hard work really begins.

However, the biggest mistake companies tend to make in optimizing the performance of incoming hand raisers is to marketing to those leads the same way they market to their CRM database.

Inbound B2C lead conversion can be truly optimized when marketers design a strategy to confirm the interest of each lead, build trust, and treat new leads to a special experience that both creates urgency and helps new prospects get to know the brand.

A vital goal of marketers is to do everything in their power to nurture each lead so they can get the highest number of sales possible. And the best lead gen process should provide a way for the consumer to take action while still providing the most relevant information for marketers to act upon… Read more

Source: MarketingProfs