Maximize the Impact of Your Business Greeting Cards With These 4 Tips

Ho, ho, ho — wait, another greeting card?

Those who know me well know I have a disdain for greeting cards. The preordained notion that we must send greeting cards to everyone during every holiday season or birthday has sanitized the entire gesture and, in my opinion, the joy of giving and receiving them.

And this time of year is the apex of greeting-card prodigality.

Each year, entrepreneurs and businesses send millions of holiday greeting cards to clients, vendors and other partners. I do not have exact figures, but I would venture to say, based on my years of experience, that the vast majority of these cards are seen once, if at all, and are destined to the lobby wall amidst a sea of other cards with winter scenes, reindeers and menorahs — and then the trash.

If more businesses approached this tradition for what it is — a marketing campaign — I believe that we could reignite the excitement for sending and receiving them.

Of course, I understand that this time honored tradition is meant to be a selfless display of appreciation, but doing so while making a bigger impact with your greeting cards is not difficult. Sure, it will require a little more work, but done properly, you can show your appreciation, differentiate your company and, hopefully, drum up new business. Here are four easy tips to consider… Read more

Source: Entrepreneur